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Indecision 2017 - NY Supreme Court and Civil Court Candidate Info

Indecision 2017 - NY Supreme Court and Civil Court Candidate Info

THE PREAMBLE: In most solidly "blue" states, voting is a pretty simple and straightforward process on a technical level, which is why I generally have little respect for eligible voters who choose to abstain. However the process of deciding who to vote for is becoming increasingly difficult. The candidates on offer seems increasingly intolerable, and the campaign coverage people are most likely to see has long been skewed, inadequate, and increasingly irrelevant. What makes matters worse, our boards of election apparently are ill-equipped and/or unwilling to provide sufficient/basic information about candidates to voters. Though it's not actually their responsibility to provide detailed candidate info (that's what campaigns are for), they should provide basic, vetted information about candidates and relatively detailed nonpartisan information on ballot proposals.

THE POINT: I haven't been following 2017 NYC Election campaign coverage closely and I'm under the impression that turnout will be pathetically low, but nonetheless I did do enough research to be able to cast an absentee ballot containing a few votes for listed candidates and a couple of write-ins. One particularly hard decision to make was which judges candidates to vote for, if any. My Queens election guide did not contain ANY information about the judges on the ballot, and it was not very easy to find a website with information on them. I did eventually find information via the website of the New York State Unified Court System. If you're looking for info on your county's New York Supreme Court and NYC Civil Court candidates, you should be able to find information on the site... IF a bio and statement was submitted for the candidate. For example, James J. Kevins, Jr (running for Supreme Court in the Eleventh Judicial District) does not have any information showing on the site. Perhaps he figures next to nobody would ever read it anyway. And that might be a correct assumption... sadly. 

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