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Our Mission

Love Knowledge is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the world by inspiring and uniting global citizens by providing uncensored news and information and a forum for discussion and collaboration. 

Our Vision

The purpose of Love Knowledge is to help educate and organize the public on important societal issues. By elevating awareness to the nature of our problems and their potential solutions, we believe we will be optimizing our ability for society to grow together, both intelligently and fairly. We want to develop a community of those seeking truth and justice and promoting social good.

There are many great organizations and individuals around the globe trying to make the world a better place. Love Knowledge believes those efforts would be more impactful if there was a central place where these groups and individuals can organize and work together. We aim to be this central hub but this can only be achieved if there is mass participation.

We intend to continually develop our website to be an increasingly useful and dynamic platform. We are open to all suggestions and ideas and look at this as a communal project. Ultimately, Love Knowledge aspires to be the ‘Facebook’ for activists and idealists combined with a platform sharing an extensive range of news and research on a variety of important topics. That's the vision. That's the goal. We are at the beginning of a long journey and that's why we need you to get involved and help us grow together. 

Our Objectives

•   Identify the most trustworthy, thorough, and truthful sources of news and information 
•   Develop a better understanding of world issues in a collective effort with our online and real-world communities
•   Provide a social network for anyone interested in improving their life, their community, and the world around them
•   Establish a network of non-profits, charities, and other altruistic groups in order to help people and organizations connect to each other
•   Explore and expose the full range of competing views and perspectives on many subjects
•   Provide analysis of society’s problems and offer potential solutions
•   Motivate people to care about world problems and inspire confidence that we can solve them

Our Organization

The Love Knowledge board consists of nine members from various fields including non-profit/charity, independent media, engineering, project management, law, finance, accounting, and public outreach. Biographies of each board member are coming soon. 

So Why Call it Love Knowledge?

The name came from the idea that love and knowledge are the only two things we take with us at death. The founder of Love Knowledge discovered this “revelation” on page 296 of Kenneth Ring’s book Lessons From The Light. In this section, a woman named Virginia Rivers recounts her near-death experience and says God told her the only two things we can bring back with us after death are LOVE and KNOWLEDGE. Evaluating the validity of the near-death experience is something we find important because its potential validation could bring groundbreaking truths about life. This topic, along with many others, will soon be discussed at length on our website. We are starting with only six categories but have plans for seven additional categories, perhaps even more later. Click here to learn more about our upcoming plans.

Whether or not paranormal phenomena are believable, we think the message still rings true. Promoting love and knowledge will lead to a better world. In the thought experiment where we imagine “what if everyone lived life like this…”, we can see that a world where everyone made it their mission to develop their love and knowledge about life, should produce a much happier and prosperous world than our current one filled with fear and ignorance. Of course, not everyone will be on board with this idea, but our point is that we should simply strive for it. The goal is to improve the conditions of humanity and help guide each other towards a more just and harmonious society.