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  1. Travis Campbell
  2. Website Improvements & Future Plans
  3. Wednesday, July 19 2017, 08:21 PM
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I was thinking to consolidate important information for easy access, maybe include a pinned upload folder in each discussion group folder or anywhere it is fitting. This would help organization as well as add another search dynamic.

Ideally any upload in that discussion would automatically go that folder and work similar to the already existing share function when a post is made. Basically it uploads to the folder then links that file location when the post that uploads it is made. Or it can be directly put in the folder.

More ideally an access function similar to Facebook's saved area in design was my thought.
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Jonathan Galletta Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks for the suggestion Travis. As we discussed privately before (but I should have commented publicly here for proper documentation / the benefit of others), this is something we should create, I agree. But refresh my memory and so we can be clear, where exactly would this folder be? Is this within a Group in the Files application or the Discussions application? You mentioned uploading but I wouldn't call it that if I were referring to creating a new discussion.

Also, although not quite what you're asking for but related to your last sentence, for now, users can use the 'Add to Favorites' option (on the drop down arrow of every post) and sort by your Favorites filter on the User Community home page to find those posts later.
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