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  1. Kat Olenick
  2. Website Bugs & Fixes
  3. Monday, July 10 2017, 09:51 PM
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When approaching the website from a link (like the one, from a message, to this discussion board), even though I was logged in on another tab, I was not logged in when the link opened. It's minor, but it makes it a hassle to reach discussions or anything else that might be linked and dissuades from commenting/posting because then you have to log in again and find the page through the site.
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Jonathan Galletta Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I just tested this but wasn't able to recreate the problem. I did the following (having been logged in all day):

First test:
- open new tab in same browser (Chrome)
- opened Gmail, went to an email I sent the team, clicked on the link to the team page
- was still logged in

Second test:
- open brand new browser window (Chrome)
- same as the first
- same result

We'll need to run additional tests on Firefox/IE/Safari as well as on mobile.

One thing I would say to try.....log out, close all LK tabs (check if anything needs saving/finishing, that's another bug/improvement: don't let tabs close if there's stuff typed unfinished), then when you open a new tab to log back in, select the "Keep Me Logged In" button. I keep forgetting what it does but it may help with that.
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