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  3. Sunday, May 01 2016, 07:34 PM
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Here is our current list of potential content 'types' to add, a brief description of each and where this content is expected to be displayed.

- Analysis [News & Research]
- Articles [N&R]
- Blogs [N&R] (I'd share someone's good blog posts as just 'Articles' but if I were to highlight a specific blog and say, this blog is a great blog on the economy, then it would be tagged as 'Blog' for content type. So as you can start to see, some of these content types are more reviews of things, and become a directory listing for quality content on the internet. The actual quality they (blogs, websites, newspapers, etc..) put out will be selectively shared as News and Articles.)
- Books [Library]
- Curated News [News & Research] (this is more of a round-up of various news articles with bigger context around it, an editorial piece really, and something that I would really think of when I think of original LK research. Could be titled 'LK Research' or perhaps something else)
- Debates [N&R] (as per above, maybe too specific, maybe just have this under the Videos content type umbrella, or perhaps add as a tag)
- Documentaries [N&R]
- Documents [N&R] (this is probably too broad and can probably be scrapped because things like Articles and Research Papers may cover them but we should try to think of any other types of documents)
- Infographics [N&R] (maybe have this displayed in a gallery, or have the thumbnails for infographics just be the infographics themselves)
- Intellectuals / Thinkers [this could be a larger project within University, basically creating profiles for each intellectual, and listing out their work, books they've published, etc...)
- Intro/Overview [News & Research] articles would all be titled the same "9/11 - An Introduction (or Overview)" "Climate Change - An Overview". I wanted to create these articles as recommended places to start your research because they would contain the best of everything listed here....top documentaries on 9/11, best organizations fighting against climate change, etc...
- Journals [Library] (originally Library was just books, then I thought Journals and Periodicals can go in there as well)
- Lectures [University....probably shouldn't be a separate thing from online courses, they should be equivalent. If an online course doesn't involve a video lecture, maybe it's all text based (don't know if this exists) but assuming it does, could just label everything Online Courses]
- Magazines / Periodicals [Library] (see Journals)
- News [N&R]
- Newspapers [N&R] (see Blogs. Directory style)
- Online Courses [University] One thing though to consider, the articles in University that briefly explain and link to some Open Courseware at MIT, for instance, they're all the same 'content type'....namely a lecture/online course. And they're only being displaced in University. So these articles don't really need this content type tagging to help filter since it's all in University. But maybe something to add in for future use, if necessary. Could also probably do a batch update of all University articles to add in the content type if needed, so for now, I say ignore Lectures and Online Courses from this list.
- Organizations [N&R] (pretty much establishing a page per organization, describe their work, why they're important, link to their website, etc...)
- Podcasts [N&R] (see Blogs. Directory style)
- Research Papers [N&R, or perhaps it's own section called 'Papers'. I also had the idea of adding a section called 'Ideas' that would be devoted to patents and be a space for inventors to brainstorm. I believe this would warrant a separate section, perhaps under a new section called 'More', and not be a content type listed under N&R]
- Videos [N&R]

And then have a catch all called "Other Resources" with:
- Apps
- Facebook Pages
- Encyclopedias [N&R] (these would be online encyclopedias, not actual books, otherwise it would be a Book)
- Movies
- Radio shows
- TV shows
- Websites (need to think of what kinds of websites as resources do NOT fit into any of the above. If we can come up with some, keep this, or maybe create a new type of content to account for it)
- YouTube Channels

Additional Notes:
1. We can make some of these tags instead of content type if that makes sense (for example, make "Debates" a tag and just have all debates be under the "Videos" content type).

2. Perhaps some of this stuff can be captured in an article and not have an article specifically devoted to 1 app, or 1 facebook page. Because something like Books, you get 1 article per book but maybe for good apps, it should just be an article "top 10 apps for training your brain".
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