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Love Knowledge: An Introduction


My name is Jonathan Galletta, founder of Love Knowledge. I, along with the rest of the Love Knowledge team, are thrilled to launch this website and start this very important mission with you all!

To get a general introduction of what our organization is about, please see our about page. Afterwards, take a few moments to review our site tutorial to get a lay of the land. There is a lot of information on this site and we have spent considerable time and effort planning the most efficient way to present it all (to brainstorm better ideas, join our discussion here). Understanding the structure and philosophy of our website’s design will help you get the most out of it.

I think it’s appropriate to begin this blog by explaining the motivation I had for creating this organization. Ever since my early college years, I began to seriously question life and its meaning. Among these questions, there were a persistent few that I was fixated on knowing:

1 – what is truth?
2 – what is the meaning of life?
3 – what would an ideal society be like?

In the next blog post I will elaborate on these thoughts but to summarize, my life goal in college became pursuing truth, spreading love and knowledge, and working to help humanity reach an ideal society.

I began studying the problems society faces. Why do they continue to persist? Why, with all our great advances in technology, can we not solve basic things like hunger and poverty? I eventually came to the conclusion that the world is primarily run by greed and self-interest by those in positions of power within governments and large corporations. To me, an ideal society has to be fair and allow everyone the opportunity to make something of themselves. However, throughout history, we see that the people’s concerns and well-being never seem to be a serious consideration.

So how do we overcome this issue? In my analysis of the many challenges hampering progress, I realized there was a common solution to all of them: KNOWLEDGE. The more aware people are of our problems (the causes, impacts, severity, implications, and everything that’s relevant to understanding the issue), the easier it should be to realize a solution; both conceptually as well as in implementation.

Now the question becomes, how best to spread and improve knowledge? To me, the answer was creating a website. If I was extremely wealthy, I would have looked into buying a TV station or something with a very large audience and considerable reach. However I, like most people, cannot afford that. My only remaining solution was the internet because that was the only viable and realistic way I could reach millions of people.  

Originally this website was intended to simply share the best news and research I could find. Over the past two years this vision has developed into a more ambitious and comprehensive website. One of our main features is a social networking platform that we hope will become an online community of fellow truth-seekers, activists, and anyone looking to improve their lives through knowledge and education. Other features have been added as well including user blogs, discussion forums, as well as the ability for users to submit content into a public user submission area.

The goal is to get as many people as we can interested in discussing serious social issues and working together towards real-world solutions. We also want to become a hub for all organizations with similar missions of improving the world (whatever their particular cause may be) and encourage them to create their own groups in the user community, much the same as having their own Facebook page.

We believe the fate of the world is in a very delicate balance. We do not have any time to waste. If you care about the future of humanity and steering it in the right direction, please share this website with your friends and family and join us on our mission to improve the world through elevating human consciousness and collaborative action.

All the best.

Jonathan Galletta
President & Founder

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