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Winning Our Energy Independence: An Energy Insider Shows How

Winning Our Energy Independence: An Energy Insider Shows How

Winning Our Energy Independence shares energy solutions from S. David Freeman, a man who has spent his life at the forefront of energy policy.

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Speaking Truth to Power, January 6, 2008 By  Jim Harrigan (Arizona) – See all my reviews
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“The United States has a lot to learn from the rest of the world.”

Bold and true. No one convinced Freeman it is polite to lie in order for America appear good. No one convinced Freeman it is for Americans to drive SUVs everywhere just because they need to express freedom. One can express freedom by farting out loud in a cafeteria, but I wouldn’t be proud if I did it. I would be embarrassed. No one convinced Freeman that by holding onto your arrogance and downright stupidity that one shows a measure of authority necessary to keep the world in line. No one convinced Freeman it is necessary for troops to die in Iraq so that their deaths would not be in futility, and that this simpleton logic deserves no further exploration. Freeman is not convinced that America is not above learning. Freeman thinks America will actually benefit from learning. If one is so smart to be beyond all help then don’t bother reading this book.

In the last three years there have been many books on the subject of energy independence, and while there is some agreement there are also distinctions. Freeman’s positions are pro-Hydrogen, pro-Lithium, and anti-nuclear. Freeman will admit that Hydrogen fuel cells need work, but believes that work here will be worth the effort. I’m not sure how hydrogen fuel cells will work in a place like Phoenix if there are 2 million cars on the road giving off water vapor when it is 120 degrees in the shade. Water vapor emissions will cause an increase in humidity and also increases temperature as it is a strong greenhouse gas until it precipitates. Hydrogen is not ready for the market. Hydrogen needs a good deal of work to make it inexpensive for manufacture and available to the public.

While I like Richardson’s plan, I welcome discussion of Freeman as it has become well beyond time to get on with a new energy plan for America. Let’s stop taking down the solar panels from the White House and do something right for a change.

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These are the ideas we need., December 13, 2007 By  Energy Pro (Los Angeles) – See all my reviews
Freeman lays out the actions that America–make that the world–needs to take. That is, if we plan to get on the right side of climate change!!

His sense of wit and his common speak make the book readable for everyone, and at times, down right hilarious. If the book was required reading for all government and electric utility employees, not to mention citizens, the US might actually get off its dangerous diet of fossil and nuclear fuels.

As an aside, I read a negative review of the book on Amazon, but must inform the person who posted it that they are technically wrong. Power IS calculated to consumers on a Cents-Per-Kilowatt-Hour-Basis, and it is NOT uncommon for large amounts of power to be defined in millions of kilo-watt or mega-watt hours. The other remarks were not understandable or overly political. Like my mother used to say, “Don’t trust an ideologue that has their facts mixed up.”

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars
Freeman shakes us out of either complacency or despair, December 16, 2007 By  Laura Doll (Austin TX) – See all my reviews
No one is better at laying out the big picture more clearly than Freeman. In this case, the big picture is the future of energy. Read this book if you are confused or overwhelmed by all the information coming at you about wind, solar, coal and the the range of energy technologies that each purport to be the next answer to our problems. In a sobering yet hopeful way, Freeman cuts through the noise and reminds us that there are many very real options available today which, when combined, can move us forward toward a clean and sustainable energy future.
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