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Crowdfunding and Its Societal Impact

  The world is changing every day. We live in a society that is overworked, overburdened, and drowning in debt. Many of us feel like physical and mental relief is so far away that it’s practically impossible to grasp. Life doesn’t need to be this way if we change our priorities and use the tools available to us to make a huge impact on our lives on a personal and broader scale.   Crowdfunding is one such tool that can play a major role in unburdening your life if you use it to help eliminate debt and raise money to take care of the most important things going on in your day-to-day existence. As an example, let’s say you are drowning in credit card debt and student loans and you are about to get married for the first time. As a young 20 something, you feel that you are at a huge disadvantage because you are currently buried under so much debt. By creating an account with Plumfund, you can tap into the crowdfunding phenomenon and raise enough money to get rid of your personal debt and student loans once and for all. Crowdfunding Has Reached the Heights of Popularity at the Perfect Time Many of our most important social programs in the United States are suffering due to massive budget cuts that began during the Great Recession and continue to this day. And because of this, people relying upon these programs continue to suffer needlessly. Some of the areas recently hit the hardest in the United States are as follows: Social Security   Senior citizens are unfortunately experiencing fewer benefits from Social Security. The government tries to lead us to believe the money just isn’t there. But most retirees rely heavily on Social Security since they do not have pensions or other retirement savings to survive on.   Veterans   Many of our veterans suffer physically and mentally as they protect the American people and the freedom that we hold so dear. Yet many of the social programs available to help veterans are not getting the funding they once did and these people desperately need our help.   Disability   There are a wide variety of people in the United States suffering from many types of disabilities. The funding previously available to help these individuals is no longer there the way it once was. And make no mistake about it; these disabled Americans really need our help and support.   We’ve named a few prominent examples of people that rely on funding normally provided by our government. In today’s world, where compassion is unfortunately lacking, crowdfunding can step in to fill the void left by a lack of government financing for social programs that desperately need our help. Crowdfunding Helps Compassionate People Take Their Generosity to a Higher Level The beautiful thing about crowdfunding is it allows compassionate persons to open up their hearts and wallets and help those in need. And the great thing about crowdfunding is it makes it very easy to help those less fortunate than us. As a matter of fact, because crowdfunding has the ability to reach millions of people when properly promoted, you only need to donate a small amount of money in order to help provide massive benefits to those in need.   As an example, let’s say you want to help American veterans in need of financial assistance. You find a crowdfunding donation page matching your desires. Since this donation page will reach millions of people, a simple $10 donation can add up to tens of millions of dollars for the Veterans’ social program.   Are you starting to recognize the power of compassionate crowdfunding? Tap into this amazing resource immediately to begin making a difference in our world for the better.
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